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Automation solutions play a key role in boosting efficiency and productivity - and in securing success in world markets. Industrial Automation creates a platform for all the relevant disciplines - from energy-efficient power transmission to ultra-precise measurement and control systems.

AIS Technology has a number of industrial automation solutions, including SCADA systems and Electrical Control Panels, customised to your specific needs.

ge fanuc plcsAIS industrial automation solutions bring about a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced risks and safety hazards
  • Minimised costs by increasing efficiency
  • Improving quality of final products

AIS were the first Maltese company to design and develop its own SCADA telemetry system. The AIS SCADA system ensures real time remote monitoring and control of your facilities.

Our SCADA systems provide highly reliable communications and control to enhance productivity and efficiency. They are expandable to meet your organization's growing needs.

Thanks to our capable and dedicated team, AIS can design and manufacture electrical control panels and automation systems, sized to customer specific requirements. AIS electrical control panels are generally suitable for fixing either direct to machinery and plant, or suitable for wall mounting and or floor standing adjacent to fixed installation equipment.